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Free Children's Books Read Aloud and Kindle App.

Special Promotional Offer  Free Children's Books Read Aloud and Kindle App.  

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Who is The Child Who Finds Money?  Learn together with your child in a real adventure of your own!

Find out what happens to a poor helpless boy called Hope, when he runs into The Child Who Finds Money, having escaped an Evil King. Together they head out on an enchanting adventure of learning, self-discovery and friendship to help Hope's family and all the people in a Land called Lakk
A believable and enthralling fantasy world balanced between our familiar reality and the realm of fairy enchantments. The story is woven together with humor, mystery and attraction.

Check out the trailer

And also get this Free Children's Interactive Adventure App 

The Adventures of FireyBug

An Interactive Story Book for Children. The Adventures of FireyBug. 

Follow FireyBug through his Firey forest adventure as FireyBug faces the danger of a forest fire and helps all the creatures of the forest escape by lighting the way with his FireyBug shine. 

The Adventures of FireyBug Features

Enjoy numerous engaging, colorful and fun animations on every page. 

The story has a rhyming text to help kids read. Educational elements include, recognizing, naming and counting creatures in the story. Also spotting and recognizing Wow Words within the text and a life lesson on how nature rejuvenates. 

This will make a perfect bedtime story book. 

Designed for kids, no confusing menus or navigation's. For Kindle and Android. Suitable for all ages. This App does not contain ads, links to any social networks, or collect your data, as should be expected in any toddler apps for android.   Check out this trailer.

Bug Books for Kids - Children's Book Trailer 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Children's Books Read Aloud

Children's Books Read Aloud

Children's Books Read Aloud on StoryCub Free Video Books and Stories.

My book ABC Alphabet Animal Rhyming Adventures has just been added as a Children's Books Read Aloud to this great Kids App!
You can check it out here
Get The Free StoryCub App on Apple iTunes Here
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Ever Kind of Video Picture Books for every occasion, more added all the time.
Loved by children, trusted by parents, and applauded by educators, StoryCub produces and distributes Free Video Books and Stories by making them into Children's Books Read Aloud

The program has been recognized by the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (scbwi) for it's innovative approach of connecting authors and publishers with educators and families who live in today's mobile, on-demand environment.

With a global reach, StoryCub is currently being viewed in over 200 countries.

Our Mission:

Early childhood development begins in the home. StoryCub believes there is no better way to get kids excited about reading than through the interaction between a parent and a child by using Children's Books Read Aloud.

StoryCub uses its digital platform to, among other things:

◉ Promote reading in all formats, including eBook, book app, print and Free Video Books and Stories

◉ Introduce children's picture books in convenient, easy to access videos, that encourage discovery.

◉ Create educational and entertaining media that is produced to high quality standards.

◉ Inspire learning, while having fun with Free Video Books and Stories.

Children's Books Read Aloud - Bedtime or Anytime Video Stories for Kids!

StoryCub is an Early Childhood Development Project that produces and distributes mobile-friendly, Children's Books Read Aloud. Built for today's digital families; preschool and kindergarten educators also rely on StoryCub for the discovery of great stories. Video Books For Kids, that are both educational and entertaining. Free Video Books to watch, on home computers and laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other devices. StoryCub is always ready when you are.

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Shark Books for Kids

Shark Books for Kids

"Jack and The Shark" 

Shark Picture Book and Shark Tale

Shark Books, enjoy 47 Stunning, FULL HD Quality Shark Picture Book! Just made for The Kindle Fire or iPad and a Fantastic Shark Tale.
If your family like's Shark Books for Kids, Shark Wars, Shark Book Titles and more adventures through dreaming worlds including Shark Facts, Shark Pictures and great life lessons for kids? Then sink your Shark Teeth into a little Shark Bait for your family and join the many people who have downloaded and enjoyed Jack and The Shark, voted Best Shark Book for Kids and has great Shark Book Reviews, a Sharkbite of a book.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Word from Your Kid's Future Boss: Learning To Read Early

The Word from Your Kid's Future Boss: Read - NBC Right Now/KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA

The Word from Your Kid's Future Boss

Children's teachers have always known the importance of learning to read early.  However now, your kid's future boss is stressing how important it is to learn how to read.

Watch the Video and read more Here
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Saturday, 11 May 2013

ABC Alphabet Books for Kids

ABC Alphabet Books for Kids

Teaching the Alphabet

After the success of my ABC Alphabet Book for Kids, ABC Alphabet Animal Rhyming Adventures on Amazon Kindle, lots of people said it would make a great Children's Picture Book in print.  I agreed with them, so I have gone ahead with producing the print version and here it is.  New Children's Book Release - ABC Alphabet Animal Rhyming Adventures

Some also mentioned confusion as to when to start using ABC Alphabet Books for Kids.

Whilst researching methods for teaching the alphabet,  I found that the sooner you start is probably best.  In general, a child will start recognizing some of The Alphabet by age 2, however some children, when started early, have some mastery of Letters of The Alphabet by 18 months. Seems the quickest way of Teaching the Alphabet, is by using good ABC Alphabet Books with both Pictures and Rhyming with lots of repetition.  This is by far the best way to Teach Kids ABC

I made a Children's Book trailer for it too

You can check it out here on Amazon.  New Children's Book Release - ABC Alphabet Animal Rhyming Adventures.


Also if you're teaching the alphabet you will be teaching 123 too!

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